You have just had a crush on him and you would really wish that he has the same feelings for you but the big worry is if he can really make a good boyfriend. It may be difficult to know if he is a good boyfriend especially if you are new to each other but if you can closely master his personality and his actions then you may be in a safe place to know if he is your right partner.

Many at times we get attracted to a guy due to their looks and probably their presentation and we forget to learn their characters and if they can really be our perfect matches. You should not use your intuitions to know if your boyfriend is really your soulmate. This is not safe at all and you should not try it either. You are attracted to this guy and it would really be hard to see his negative characters if you do not find a better strategy to knowing him better.
Think about his personality, can he really keep his promises? Can he be honest with you even when he has wronged you? Does he respect you? What about your family, does he get along with your parents and friends? These are great question to help you know if he is the right guy for you.
The fact that he tells you how much he adores you or the kind of physical chemistry you are experiencing in the bedroom should not be enough to tell whether he is a perfect guy. It would be great if he has kept his promises over years and you should even be celebrating about it. However, if you are not sure whether he is your right choice then it is time to get to know who he really is and if he wants to be in a serious relationship with you. We have compiled this comprehensive guide to help you choose a perfect partner.

Signs that he is a good boyfriend

  1. He is ready for a committed relationship You read it right a committed relationship is a great sign that your relationship is working out. Not all people want to be in serious relationships that can lead to a marriage even if they are acting like they are. Sometimes they may want a perfect relationship but unfortunately they are not ready to withstand challenges facing the relationship. Some other guys will act as if they really love you but are just playing games. You should therefore run from such relationship to avoid regrets.

There are many signs to know if a guy is not ready to enter into a serious relationship. If he does not like talking about the future with you or if he won’t keep his promises he is probably not serious with you. A guy who want a lasting relationship will do their best to keep their promises, frequently talk about their future with you and would always want to spend time with you. If your boyfriend is trying to act busy all the time then you are definitely not his priority.

  1. He sticks with you during difficult moments A good boyfriend will always be proud of you even during your failures. He will keep encouraging and remind you that you are still his best and only partner even if you failed in certain tests. If you feel like you have lost everything and you are so depressed about it he will comfort you and make you fell like a winner.
  2. He introduces you to his friends and relatives Guys who are serious in their relationships will want to tell their close friends and families about their lovers. A guy will introduce you to his parents to assure you of how much he loves you and that he has a future with you. Your boyfriend will praise you in the presence of his friends and colleagues if he is proud to have you.

You can also introduce him to your family and see how he reacts. If he truly lives you he should be so happy to meet your family and he will comfortably interact with your friends. However, if he is not in a serious relationship with you he will keep giving you excuses about seeing his parents and even if he admits swing your friends he might be feel so awkward about it.

4.He makes you feel safe You must feel safe when you have your boyfriend with you. You were so scared to walk along the streets from work or when going for shopping all alone especially at night but now that you have your boyfriend with you, he should be able to protect you. A good boyfriend also cares about your well being and should always check on you to make sure that everything is well with you. You need someone who can take care of you when you are in pain and is able to protect you in all dangers. If your boyfriend cannot give you sometime when you are in pain or protect you when you are in danger then you should be careful about your relationship with him.

  1. He respects you Your boyfriend will respect you regardless of the differences that you could be experiencing in your relationship. He will not expose your weaknesses to his friends even if you are not in good terms with him. Someone who speaks ill about you in the midst of his or your friends definitely does not respect you. If he is the right partner he should praise you instead before his colleagues and friends even if you have wronged him and he his bitter about him. He should also respect your opinion and listen to you whenever you need his attention.

He may not concur with your opinions and ideas but he should be able to respect them whatsoever since that is what you think is right for you. Sometimes ladies can give some boring stories but if your boyfriend respects who you are, will listen to you even if he will tell you that he did not like your story. However he should say it in such a way that he does not hurt your feelings but to make fun of it to make you enjoy the moment together.

  1. He supports you You need someone who can support you even during your difficult moments. A good boyfriend will give you a shoulder to lean on when you are in pain and when you it matters most. He should support you in all your dreams and also encourage you do what is right and focus on things that can build your future. Life is full of frustrations and even your close friends may not be willing to help you during the difficult moments.

There is thus a great need to find a good boyfriend who will always be ready to be with you whenever you need some help. If your boyfriend doesn’t want to be part of your failures then he does not love you truly. In such a case he is probably making a fun of you and taking advantage of your innocence. As a matter of a fact he does not love you but only wants to use you for his own benefit. Free away from such relationships and find someone who is ready to support you in everything that you do. Chose someone who can be there for you at all times when you need them most.

  1. You can make plans together A good boyfriend values your impact in their life and will always involve you in his plans. He will tell you want what he is planning to do and involve you in setting out the plans from beginning to the end. Remember this includes his future plans and if he can comfortably share his future with you then he is really committed in having a future with you.

Guys who are not serious with their lovers will not tell them about their future plans nor will they involve them in discussing about their investment goals or rather their future plans. Such guys are simply playing games and doesn’t consider you being part of their future and that is why they do not want to involve you in their plans. If you realise such behaviours then it is important to find a better relationship to avoid embarrassments in the future.

  1. He trust you Many relationships will not work out simply because people will not want to trust each other. You love each other but you do not really believe that you are dating your partner all alone. You are jealous and this will not only keep you fighting in the house but also kill your relationship. A good guy will trust you and defend you in all situations.

Sometimes a guy will fully be in love with you but he is so jealous seeing you with other guys. This should not be mistaken. He loves you and he is so jealous since he does not want to loose you to other guys. You should also trust him in whatever he thinks he thinks is good for both of you. However you should not trust him blindly simply because he said that you need to believe him. Sometimes men will convince ladies to keep trusting them yet they are still out there cheating their lovers or doing thinks which can hurt you. Make sure before you can fully trust them they are worth it.

  1. He gives you space and encourages you pursue your dreams A guy who is really in love will not just want to spend all the time with you but also give you time to pursue your goals. Even if they want to stay close to you, they will always tell you to focus on making your dreams comes true. He will also give you suggestions on what you can work on that will contribute to your success.

Your boyfriend will tend to figure out what you are interested in and what you love working on then support you financially or even just give you ideas on how to do it better. Some boyfriends will get angry with you if you tend to be so busy with your work but this is not a good trend. Your partner should be able to understand when you are working to make a bright future for your family. A good boyfriend will also celebrate your success with you and encourage you to work harder when things seams to be difficult.

  1. He always keeps in touch with you A great boyfriend will always want to maintain a relationship with you. He will keep calling and texting you even if he has nothing serious to talk about. He will keep reminding you of how much he adores you and how much he misses you every time you are away from him. This is a great sign that he wants to be close to you each and every other time and you should be happy that he is a serious guy.

However if he promises that he will call or text you but fails to do so and keeps giving you excuses that he has been busy then he is probably seeing someone else or he is just not serious with you. If he also doesn’t give you dates or he if continuously gives excuses that he cannot make up for your meetings then you should be worried that he does not truly love you.

Life becomes more enjoyable when have finally found a perfect match. For most girls, life would be so boring without having someone that they love and can share their success and even their difficult moments. There is need to find someone who really loves you as you do.

You exactly know what you are looking for in a man and it is advisable to always ensure that the guy you are falling for has all those characters and can make a perfect partner before entering into the relationship. You may not want to make regrets in the future that you loved the wrong person or some guy betrayed you and you thus need to be very careful while choosing your partner. Make use of the above tips to help you get a perfect match whom you can have a lasting relationship with.