Are You A Good Kisser?

Kissing is one of the best and proven ways of expressing love, passion and intimacy. Kisses mean different things to different people. A kiss planted on the cheeks of a baby or child is an expression of pure love of the parents to the child. A kiss by a son or daughter for their parents has a different meaning. Yes, kiss between a man and woman is often considered the first and last expression of love, passion and desire for one another. While there are no strict rules and regulations with regard to kissing, there are some unwritten things that should be kept in mind while kissing. In this article we will try and have a look at a few things that perhaps could explain to us as to what is the right answer to the question are you a good kisser. There is nothing sacrosanct about this expression of love but being aware of the following tips could certainly be useful in more ways than one.

Be In Sync With Your Partner

We may not exactly know if it is instinct or chemistry or something else. However, when two individuals get to expression their passion and love, they know exactly what to do. It all starts with their lips meeting and kissing in the right way. There may have been no formal lessons before but in most of the cases there is a perfectly synchronization between the two partners. Hence, this is what makes a perfect kiss. It is being at ease and being able to understand what the other person wants in terms of the kiss. Therefore, this is an important point that could answer the question whether a person is a good kisser or not

There Are No Straight Jacketed Kisses

When you are in synch with a man or woman, you can expect that you will kiss the same way when you are with one more partner. There is always the possibility of altered styles. In most cases they do vary quite moderately. However, such changes should not impact the chemistry between the two partners and the adaptation should happen within a short period of time.

Avoid Sucking Or Biting The Lower Or Upper Lips

It is always better to keep kissing simple and straight and stay away from fancy things. By trying to be fanciful and different, we often end up messing up the whole passionate experience called kissing. Many men and women often end up biting or sucking the lower or upper lips. They do it with the hope that it will increase the desire levels. However, in most cases it could be a big anti-climax and could put off the other partner.

Don’t Play With Your Tongue Beyond The Age Of 25

Those who have had love affairs in their college lives would most certainly talk about the role of their tongues while kissing. However, this may not always be the right thing once a man and woman are past the age of 25. Yes some bit of tongue once in a while might be permitted but you should ensure that it does not become a solo act. If both the partners (above the age of 25) believe that there is fun involved in tongue kissing, it is fine. Otherwise, as mentioned above, sticking to the basics is always a much better option.

Use Lip Balms

Lips tend to get dry and it would be awful if one of the partners started licking his or her lips before kissing. You could easily overcome this problem with the help of a chap stick. You must bear in mind that licking your lips makes it even drier and could become a big problem and could put off your partner. There are many lips balms that are made keeping in mind kissing and you must always try and use them. The main objective should be to keep your lips free from chapping.

Be Relaxed

Let your lips be relaxed and do not let them become tense. Kissing and applying of balm should look like the same experience. You must start slowly, feel for each other lips and only then should you get into a passionate lip kissing. Hugging and kissing should go together and that will most certainly send out the right chemistry.


Finally, do not get too bothered about you or your partner’s lip being thin. Yes while full and rounded lips are desirable, you still can have the most passionate lip kissing if you know how to create the right atmosphere and the right chemistry.