A Tutorial on How to Get the Contour Right During Makeup

During makeup getting the right contour is very important as it can improve the attractiveness of the features you naturally have. Though you can find a large number of YouTube videos online to get the right CONTOUR still it is not easy to know how to start contouring during makeup. The tutorial provided here under is based on the suggestions provided by several expert makeup artists of the world. A stepwise process of contouring your face during MAKEUP is provided in this TUTORIAL to help you in this regard.

An ideal way to refine and sculpt the features of your face is to contour it. You can look younger than your actual age just by improving your complexion by creating light and shadow zones on your facial features. You can add this technique in your daily routine to make you look more beautiful. If you are not confident enough to do it then you can follow the tips provided in this tutorial to learn how to contour during makeup.


The main thing to focus on while contouring during makeup is to choose the right texture and shade. According to experts, the contouring products you choose should not have color two shades deeper than the color of your complexion. Brownish grey or grayish-brown can be the right shade for you if the color of your skin is light to deep. According to experts, you can try cognac and warm colors if the tone of your skin is dark. A creamy shade can be the right color to look bolder.

The contours with creamy products like palettes and sticks can give a more dramatic effect on your face than using powder-based products. According to experts, you can expect stronger results by blending different colors in small amounts with your fingers or a damp beauty sponge or a brush to make a suitable color.

You can also try powder to get a polished look. For shiny skin, contouring powders are considered ideal and absolutely suitable. You can just dust a lucid layer of powder and then apply a suitable color to it. It will not allow the powder to stick to the oils your skin has by nature.

According to experts, you can also try liquid contouring products to get a subtle look. A liquid with matte bronze texture can be the right for you to have a natural look. It will give you a warmer look by pressing the matte bronze contouring liquid into the hollow of your cheeks with the help of your fingers.


Though you can change the shape of your entire face but while contouring it you need not do it. You can change the looks of your face by contouring a bit of it. While contouring your face your focus should be on your forehead, cheeks, jaw-line, and nose. You can start trying contouring products on the hollow of your cheeks. By starting from your ear’s middle you can stop at the mid of your cheek while moving towards your mouth’s corner. On the basis of your aim to contour your face, you can use shade its other features including its sculpted jaw-line, slim nose or a less prominent forehead. You can buff under your chin, on either side of your nose you can blend parallel lines or apply some contouring products on the temples and hairline for this purpose. It will help in defining your face more prominently even if it cannot change its shape.


According to experts, an invisible layer of contouring products can improve the structure of your bones. Instead of using a lot of contouring products you can start with applying a little of the product and add color to it to get a subtle look. It is your features that are appreciated by others instead of the products you use.


The experts said that you should avoid using products with shimmer as by using cool browns or grayish browns you can look more sensible as light is absorbed by these colors. The effect of bronzers will be entirely different from your expectations if they contain shimmer. You can use highlighters with shimmer.


According to makeup experts, you can balance your makeup by using a gold highlighter with shimmer and texture similar to your contour product, on the top of your cheekbones and under your eyes to add sheen to these features and give them a brighter complexion. You can apply the highlighter on your puffy cheeks while smiling with your closed mouth if you do not know how to apply highlighter. You can move slightly towards your eyes to distribute the highlighter effectively. You can use highlighters in any form including liquid, powder or cream.

In order to get a glow from within you can use a highlighter of the natural shade like goldish-pink liquid highlighter etc, according to experts. It will not only flatter all the skin tones but also give them an extremely subtle look to the cheekbones, Cupid’s bow just above your lips, down your nose bridge and on the lids. You can also use lip balm of clear shade for this purpose if you do not have a highlighter.


You can use the product used to fill-up the hollow of your cheeks across your eyelids by using a medium shadow brush to give your face a natural look as it will work more into your creases and improve the natural contour of your eyes. You can also apply a coat of mascara, fill up your eyebrows and curl up your lashes to balance your contour

According to experts, you can start makeup on your eyes before contouring your face to make your eye makeup look bolder. You can avoid mixing up contour products and foundation by doing your eye makeup first. It will also make it easy to clean the falling out makeup of eyes.

Thus by following the tips of this TUTORIAL you can easily get your CONTOUR right during MAKEUP.