5 Fitness Workouts For A Bigger Butt

Are you looking for some cool exercise that will help you to look hot from behind? Who does not want curved butts to flaunt the body? Also having a beautifully curved butt will give you a lot of opposite-sex attraction. If you have flat small butts, you know the pain of fitting inside a loose dress. People often get into doing implants, surgeries and take butt enlarger pills. Well if you ask me, most of them come with side effects. I have even read horror stories where people have died while going through butt surgery. Why go for such procedures when you have the easy option?

Butt exercise, on the other hand, is the safest way to enhance your buttocks. Just by following these fitness workouts for a bigger butt daily, you can achieve wonderfully curved bigger butt.

So let’s get started.

Top 5 buttocks exercise that gives life-changing results

Remember those days when women were worried about their large buttocks? Gone are those days. Now the bigger the buttocks the sexier you look. Do these five buttock exercises daily to look all sexy and bootylicious.

Cursty Lunge- This is one of the most super easy exercises for which you only need a pair of the dumbbell. Take a dumbbell in each of your hand and stand on your feet with your hip-width apart. Do this before lifting the dumbbells with straight arms and take a step back with the right leg so as to cross the right leg behind the left leg.

Now bend the knees so that your left thigh gets parallel to the floor. While doing this your upper body has to be in an erect position, do not bend. Next, do the start position again and repeat this with your left leg. Do twenty sets daily.

Swill ball Bridge- Swiss ball can be used in several ways for buttock exercise. The swill ball Bridge exercise is one of the most popular and convenient exercises nowadays. Note that this is an intensive workout for which you need to give a lot more effort.

With your heels resting over the swill ball & the back flat towards the ground, you have to push upwards through your butts. Next, you have to pause for half a second and then return back to the start position. While you are at the top keep the ribs down & core engaged.

Dumbbell Dead Lift- For this, you have to hold the dumbbells with an overhand grip, while your arms extended towards the floor facing your thighs, the feet hip-width slightly apart & knees in a slightly bent position. Note that the knee position should be slightly bent and not fully. Now without further bending the knees and keeping your back straight hinge at the hips so that you can lower the hands & the upper body towards the floor. Pause for half a second and then return to the start position.

Goblet Squat- For this, you need to have one dumbbell holding it close to your chest with the feet hip-width slightly apart, now sit back into a squat position bringing the things parallel to the floor.

Next, push downwards through the heels so that you can return to the standing position pressing the dumbbell high up. Now return back to the start position and go back upwards. Try to do twenty sets of squats every day to get faster results.

Single Leg Deadlifts- Take a kettlebell in your left hand and stand on your right foot. Now slowly lift your left foot off the ground (be careful!). Your whole body weight is on your midfoot and heel. Take a deep breath as you hinge at your hips & then bend your knee slightly to push up the butt backwards. Make sure your shin is vertical & the hips squared forward. Next, exhale as you move your heel to the returning standing position. Doing this 10 to 15 reps will give you good results. Switch sides as necessary.

Final thoughts

To do all these fitness workouts for a bigger butt, you don’t need to have any high-end special workout machinery. With regular dumbbells or Swiss ball, you can achieve nigger buttocks. Do the ones that are more convenient for you and follow them religiously. Within a month of two you will see visible difference in the appearance of your buttocks.