What Do You Think of Lash Extensions?

See how your thoughts about eyelash extensions compare to others!

4 Replies to “What Do You Think of Lash Extensions?”

  1. I think IT’S A HORRIBLE IDEA TO EVEN COVER YOUR true beauty, in my opinion I think people shouldn’t be afraid to show their true beauty. Even if they think they’re ugly no one is perfect in this world, and if they think they’re, they are just spoiled that’s all

  2. Eyelash extensions are a marvelous thing to have because it can make a girl look more like a girl and make her feel better about herself, and that’s what matters.❤

  3. I think that they are a waste of money. there are home remedies for bigger lashes, but u do u hun♡ also, Coconut oil works really well on eye lashes

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